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Sitting is overrated July 14, 2011

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Although the title of this entry implies a post entirely devoted to sitting v. standing, it is really about all the developmental milestones Cadence has met over the course of this last week and a half.

Last Tuesday, while camping in Owls Head, NY she decided that it was annoying to not be able to sit up from lying down. As she was playing in her playpen on her tummy she casually rolled onto her side, propped herself up on her elbow, used her other arm as an anchor, and sat up! Woohoo! But that’s not all!!!

Sunday her Aunt Jamie spent a great deal of time clapping and playing pattycake with her. I also play pattycake with her approximately one gazillion times a day. Low and behold, she took it upon herself to start clapping on her own. She has the biggest grin on her face while she is doing it. She is also mimicking “mama” and “dada” and the two words became much more intelligible last weekend. Jamie caught it on video as proof.

Then we come to what the title is all about. The standing up!!! Tuesday morning I was busy folding loads and loads of laundry from our excursion to the east coast. Cadence thought the laundry was the best, cushiony spot to play and decided all the clean laundry needed to be taste tested. I plopped her in her crib so that I could gather the laundry and then start her bath. She did not think this was the best idea and wanted to make sure I could hear her protests loud and clear. After getting her bath drawn, making sure I had the necessary towels in the bathroom, and putting her rubber ducky and fish floating in the tub I came into her nursery to find this:

Mom, I want to play in the laundry!

She had pulled herself up to stand in the crib while half crying/half laughing. I quickly grabbed my cell phone and documented this monumental event!

Then yesterday as I was over at my parents’ house I came across this:

Look at me, I'm Cadence Bea!

Today as I was trying to babyproof the living room to remove all electrical cords, I saw this. She was trying to get to her Aunt Lilli who was lounging on the couch:

Why can't I climb up to where the doggie is?

While I’m very pleased with the growth Cadence has made, it is just a further reminder of how fast time is flying by. In three short months I’ll have a one-year-old. Where did my little newborn go???

Cadence on her birth day only a few hours old.



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